Tuesday, 25 November 2008

COD 5 - Nazi Zombie mode commentary

Editor's Note: We usually don't let the same author of the review solely write another piece about the same game, but this was so good I had to share. Enjoy!

Could this be the best game EVER made? No. Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever made. But I do think this is the best mini game ever made. I really do mean that.

The idea is simple: hordes of Nazi zombies attack a small building which you (and ideally your mates) have to defend. You start with 500 points which you can exchange for weapons, grenades and mystery items. You can also use your points to open up new areas to defend, which in turn gives you access to new weapons. You earn 100 points for killing a zombie, 10 points for repairing each part of a blockade. You can get extras, 2x Points, Max Ammo, Insta-Kill and an A-bomb style thing thats kills every zombie on the map.

This game truly is immense fun. I honestly can say I have not touched the other online modes CoD:5 has to offer since I discovered the Nact der Untoten mode. When you get a group of 4 mates together and bust this mini-game up, you’ll understand where I am coming from. When you get to about the 13th round and the zombies become harder to kill and they just seem to spawn and spawn and spawn, you really start to work together. Helpfully, your zombie killing colleagues can revive you if you are injured.

There is a mystery weapon box, which does reveal a couple of VERY interesting items. Firstly, the flamethrower. Same as the single player mode, but very helpful in clearing a room full of the undead. The other weapon is very cool! Its a one shot zombie killing machine. It is the best weapon you can get. I won’t reveal any more details, you’ll need to play to find out what it is!

Once you have earned a few points, you’ll start opening up the other areas. The map is initially quite small , but it does open up quite considerably. You will find yourself running from area to area, but it does make a fantastic team game.

Is it worth buying Call of Duty: World at War just for this mini game? Probably not. But when you combine it with the excellent single player mode of CoD:5, the excellent multiplayer mode and the Nacht der Untotenmode, you really are getting your moneys worth.

Article by: Kai Gohegan

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