Monday, 29 September 2008

How We Rate Our Games

We aim to review games in a manner as concise and as honest as possible without compromise. We use what we believe is a novel system which allows us to place games into particular categories instead of assigning them a random number.


If we rate a game with a Gold medal, then it means you HAVE to own this game. It will be the best of its genre. As a result, this will be rarely awarded.


One of the best of its kind. A great effort that may very well deserve your monies. Not without its faults, but certainly something to think about.

A fair attempt. May be average, or plagued by problems. A title that you may want to check out but download the demo or rent it before spending your monies.

Avoid. Do not buy this game. If you see this symbol then it means stay away. If you do end up buying the game despite our warnings then you deserve all the crap you get as a result.

Hopefully our rating system is easy enough to understand. It should be as incredibly in-depth and difficult market research was undertaken in order to test the validity of such a system. Men died for this research by the dozen. It showed that even unborn babies were able to grasp its simple concept. If you can't then you really are perturbed and you shouldn't be reading this at all.

Parental Guidance

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