Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gamestation Online Service = Shit!

As I posted earlier on in the week, Gamestation reduced the price of their real life size Gears of War 2 Lancer Rifle. Well I got my copy today (yes a DAY late!) and when I came to open it, let's just say the chainsaw wasn't complete...

As you can see by the crosshairs (I'm guessing that's what that piece is supposed to be) have snapped in half. The pictures are of a rather poor quality I know, this cannot be helped as I only had my mobile phone camera to use at the time. The pictures show ALL the packaging it came with. There was no packaging on the top of the box, only polystyrene at the bottom so it's almost guaranteed that it broke as soon as it was packaged. Even before I opened it the chainsaw gun was moving from side to side inside the box. This picture also shows the box was pretty damp as well.

This picture shows the contents of the game and batteries for the lancer rifle. Notice the tears in it, they were actually there before I even opened it. I slightly made the tear on the left a bit bigger to get the game out.

Here are some more shots of the broken bits. I've never seen something packaged so badly before, and I've bought goods on ebay!.

Gamestation had better give me a replacement unless of course the postal service that sent this decided to have a looksie inside and buggered it up. If that is the case, they can pay for the replacement as I sure as hell am not. Has anybody else has the same problem? Please write in to let us know.

Article By: William Stephen

Dead Rising 2 - Not Dead?

In 2006, a rather good little Zombie game came out and surprisingly it wasn't a Resident Evil game. It was made by Capcom who sadly said they were not working on a sequel. The Internet mourned and moved on.

Like all good zombies though, the rumour of Dead Rising 2 will not die. Reports have come out that Capcom have licenced it out to another studio repeatedly, but nothing was ever really confirmed. Sadly, all we have today is another rumour but there are so many of these flying around you just know Capcom are up to something. They wouldn't turn down the almost free money a sequel would earn.

The rumour has it that 'Blue Castle', a relatively unknown Canadian studio are working on Dead Rising 2. I hope this is true as no other game lets you take lawnmowers to literally *hundreds* of the undead at once in 3D. None that I know of anyway.

Please Capcom, let there be a sequel!

You can read more about this, here.

Article by: Edwin Jones

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Red Alert 3 to come to PS3 - next year (maybe)

Poor old Sony.

During this busy winter season big games are coming out thick and fast for everybody, but the PS3 will definetly not get two of the biggest titles, Left for Dead and Red Alert 3 before Christmas. Heck, it may not get left for dead at all. The good news however is that EA are working on Red Alert 3 again after suspending development in favour of focusing on the PC and 360 versions earlier this year.

There is no chance that the PS3 will see this rather cool RTS game before Christmas but that is probably a good thing for all our wallets. It's nice to see the RTS bug catching on to more than just the 360. Maybe one day we will get RTS games just like we get FPS games on consoles eh? I remember a long time ago when the word 'half-life' and 'console' uttered in the same sentence were pure heresy and stupidity rolled into one. I am glad those days are over.

You can read more about this story here.

Article by: Edwin Jones

Company of Heroes to get a new expansion?

Well, it seems that yet again Relic refuse to let a good game die. Good on them. After years of keeping Dawn of War alive with updates and add on packs, it seems Company of Heroes is to get the same treatment. It already received an add on that let you play as the British instead of just Yanks and Nazis but now it will get another one called Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

Nothing specific has been announced as of yet apart from new units and new maps, which were kind of a given. I guess they could let you play as the French or the Italians but the only special move you would be able to give them would be a white surrender flag or a collaboration government. Maybe they will let you send death threats to French and Italians soldiers against their families if they refuse to bow down to the Nazis? I doubt it, but it would be historically accurate and awesome all in one go.

You can read more about this story, here.

Article by: Edwin Jones

Monday, 3 November 2008

New Left 4 Dead Videos


Nothing is quite as delicious as four player online co operative Zombie slaying. We've been watching these game for a while and it looks rather good. Still, these promotional videos EA released last last week do a good job of making it seem even better with absolutely no in game footage which is quite a feat.

First up, we have the intro video for the game itself. It's rather long at over 4 minutes but it does give you an insight into the characters and what they are like. Considering all the gameplay footage we have all seen over the last year had little dialogue, this is a keeper. I wonder how long it will be before introductory videos go the way of the cut scene and use in game video rather than FMV?

We also have a rather good TV spot for the game which consists of slices of the intro footage with a selection of novel quotes. It is made even more awesome by the soundtrack which is actually the song 'Grounds for divorce' by the Mancunian band Elbow. Epic. You need to go buy this song off iTunes immediately. Watch this video to see why.

As an aside, I went to see the new James Bond movie this weekend, and I saw more game adverts than movie adverts before it started. Dead Space, Gears of War 2, the Quantum of Solace game - they were all there. With all these TV slots as well, I think this Christmas is the one that shows the world just how far games have come.

Article by: Edwin Jones

GoW 2 Real Life Rifle Reduced

I just got an email from Gamestation a couple of hours ago. You may have heard that they have had a world exclusive to distribute the lifesize lancer rifle (the not so cool but still ok gold one, unlike the picture above which is the US version). This and the game was going to cost £130, some £50 more than the US version, However they have informed me that it's been reduced to only £80. Bargain!

Unfortunately they sold out on preorders ages ago so haha!!!!

Edit: After doing some browsing on the gamestation website, they have infact listed it as only £59.99. I have emailed them about this and will post my findings as soon as possible.

ANOTHER Edit: Gamestation have said that their website has an old link, so the price is £79.99. Funny how they say its an old link, cause if it was it shouldnt be shown on google...

Article by: William Stephen