Thursday, 11 December 2008

Want to get a new 'Jasper' Xbox 360? Here is how to recognise one.

Got an Xbox 360? Tired of it dying on you all the time? We might possibly have the solution. As you may know, a new model of the 360 has launched codenamed: Jasper. It has it's own internal flash memory as MS seem to have admitted an optional memory storage device was a bit dense. It's also got a 45nm chipset which is a lot smaller than older 360 models and should also be a lot cooler. As 360's mostly die due to overheating problems or problems related to overheating, (that's why wrapping it in a towel and cooking it for a few minutes brings it back for an hour or two,) this should mean a 'Jasper' unit will be more RROD resistant.

This is only a logical estimate, but it makes sense. Generally new tech is more reliable than the old, but this IS the 360 we are talking about, it could still die on you for no reason.

Anyway, if you want to know if you have a shiny new Jasper set, here is the trick. To quote Kotaku:

"It's all in the amps. If the back of a 360 says 12.1 amps, it's a Jasper, and you're free to enjoy the cooler, safer experience that brings with it. If it's any higher than 12.1, it's an older unit, you lucked out."

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Article by: Edwin Jones

Monday, 8 December 2008

Nintendo sell 800k Wiis in a week in the US alone.


800,000 Wii consoles, in a week? Even a week this close to Christmas? To put this in perspective I shall quote Kotaku:

"That matches the Wii's sales in the U.S. for the entire month of October and more than doubles the number of Wiis sold during the same week the year prior, according to Reuters."

And Microsoft were saying they did well this month? Who the heck keeps buying these things - Wii Fit and Wii sports are not that good, surely even the elderly have figured that out? Why do Nintendo still allow shortages every Christmas even years after the Wii launched?

We will never know.

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Article by: Edwin Jones

Capcom Europe giving free stuff!

I thought this might interest alot of people who love the street fighter games and other capcom gems. On the Capcom Europe forums, they are holding giveaways for exlcusive memoribila, such as XBLA codes, as well as signed prints from the legendary ono-san. All you need to do is "wave" in the particular giveaway thread and then they choose a winner from everyone who waves. Simple! Sign up here to get started. The giveaways are located in general chat and will normally be one every couple days. Best thing is, very few people take part in these comps so your chances of winning are very high

The pic above is what I won from them.


Article By: William Stephen