Friday, 30 January 2009

Sony are suffering a serious slump in sales.

Whu-oh. The Global economic crisis seems to have hit another high profile target, this time a little closer to our gamer hearts than Woolworths according to Kotaku. Sales are down on every major system from the PSP to the PS3. Even the PS2 is not selling as well as it used to.

We hope that this is not as serious an issue as it has been for other companies as nobody wants to see Sony leave the gaming arena. Somebody has to keep Microsoft from getting all evil and Nintendo from being the only Japanese console manufacturer. Get well soon Sony.

Article by: Edwin Jones

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Resident Evil 5 demo is out on Xbox Live. Now.

Well, it is. And it is slightly dissapointing I must say. In a world with Gears of War in it, not being able to move, aim and shoot is ghastly. Having a partner you can't get rid of who gets killed by enemies because of her own stupidity which ends the game for you both is also just pants. You can do better than this Capcom, hold the game back and fix these issues. The graphics are very good though, so stick with them. Less screen tearing though please.

Article by: Edwin Jones