Thursday, 2 October 2008

Five things Nintendo should do instead of working on a new Wii console

With all the recent rumours on the internet suggesting that Nintendo are working on a brand new HD ready Wii console. We thought it would be a good idea to have a look at some of the more important things that Nintendo should be spending their time on.

1 - More First-Party Wii Titles

Where are they? Ok we've had Zelda: Twilight Princess. But was arguably a disappointment, which did little more than previous Zelda titles had done before it (and not as well). Super Mario Galaxy was a great game, but that came out almost a year ago and no-one plays it anymore. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was good, but it lacked online. In recent times we've only really had Super Smash Bros Brawl to play with, and that's about it. Nintendo aren't bothered though, they spend most of their time counting their money and making 'amazing' stuff like Wii Music. There are numerous titles that Ninty should be working on - new Pikmin, Kid Icarus, Starfox, F-Zero and Pilot Wings titles to name a few. And whilst it seems they're working on a new Punch Out title, we'd really like to see some original stuff please. Apart from Wii Music.

2 - Reduce the Price of the Wiii

In some ways it's the Wii, not the PS3 which is the most expensive gaming console on the market. It's even more expensive than the HD ready Xbox 360. You can even get the premium console for cheaper than the price of a Wii, with its 20gb Hard Drive. Ok, whilst some may regard the Xbox 360 as an unreliable piece of shit, it's still a cheaper piece of shit than the Wii. No doubt Nintendo don't need to bring down the price of its console due to the fact it makes more money than my mum on a night out. But the point is - it should.

3 - Fix the shitty Online Service

Lets face it, the online structure of the Wii is a shambles. Most games are not online, and the ones that are, are often a lagfest. If I wanted to play games with lag then I'd still be on dial-up using a 56k modem. But this is the days of broadband, and where the Xbox 360 has shown what is possible in online gaming. Yes you have to pay for that, but they set the bar. Sony offer a free service which is infinitely better than what Nintendo offer. Sort it out Nintendo - Super Smash Bros is ok, but we want more online support. Or we rough you up or something.

4 - Take LucasArts hostage, and force them to make that Wii Lightsaber game

Yes we've seen Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels, but that is NOT the game we've all been waiting for. Everyone knows the lightsaber game we all want, so where is it? We'd sooner kiss a Wookie than play that crappy third person duel style game. We want a fully fledged first person lightsaber title that realistically mimics our actions with the Wii-mote. Remember the awesome Star Wars Trilogy Arcade? Yeah, well a bit like that.

5 -Get Some Quality Control
The Nintendo seal of quality. Remember that? What the fuck happened there then? During the lifetime of the Wii, we have had some of the worst games in years. We've been plagued with more shite party games than we thought was possible. What makes it worse is the fact they often sell well. Take Carnival: Funfair Games for instance. It's shite. Absolute shite. Yet it sells well, and has been one of the bigger selling titles on the Wii with over one million copies sold. No doubt they're not going to want to stop making games that make so much money. But a little quality control would be nice, wouldn't it?

Hopefully you've managed to find something in that list that you can relate to. There is many other things Nintendo could be doing, like making more than one DS game a year. Or sorting out the problem with piracy on the portable touch me up. Though they do seem to be attempting to do just that with the DSi.

However, if there is anything you think should have been included, leave a comment. Or you can always email us with abuse at

Article by: Wesley Lock

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