Friday, 3 October 2008

Nintendo help you walk!

I know this is like, 4 Nintendo posts in a row, but it is their fall press conference, so it's not like we're going out of our way to bash them, they just keep throwing this crap at us. Now Nintendo unveil the DS Pedometer! Yes, Nintendo will help you walk!

Being bundled with a game called 'Your Life Rhythm', which is another wii fit/brain training affair, it is designed to be used with the DS somehow.

Only way I can see it being any fun is if you have to look at the DS while you walk, so not being mindful of your surroundings like Bruce Wayne and therefore becoming roadkill. Which is a fail on Brain training by the way.

Article by: Adam Moore

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William Stephen said...

This is already in the UK I believe. I remember seeing some DS game with a pedometer in the shops yesterday, cant remember the name though