Friday, 3 October 2008

Nintendo Ruin Xmas

Well it looks like Nintendo didn't bother reading our feature this week. According to MCV Nintendo have stated that there will be no price drop for DS or Wii this Christmas. Obviously, they feel no threat from the recent Xbox 360 price slashing by Microsoft. Which can now be picked up cheaper than a Wii.

So it seems that Nintendo have never heard of the words 'Credit Crunch' before. Maybe by the end of the year they will have. Perhaps Nintendo should sit back and have a think about what this could mean for the holiday season...

Just think about poor Timmy. His dad couldn't afford a Nintendo Wii this Christmas. And all because it cost £179.99. Which was £10 more than his budget could allow. So instead, he had to buy little Timmy an Xbox 360, with it's glorious High Definition capabilities and 20gb Hard Drive, for a whole £10 less than the Nintendo Wii. It even had a bigger and better back catalogue of games, with less mini game compilation shite. It died a few months later.

And picture poor little Timmy 2. Who really wanted a Nintendo DS and some games. But his mummy couldn't afford to buy him the two games he wanted with it. So instead, his mummy got him a magical R4 card. Which allowed him to play all games for free! Although, they were subsequently caught. His mum ended up with a criminal record and a prison sentence. Timmy 2 was taken into care.

Hopefully Nintendo will get a bit of festive cheer closer towards the holiday season and change their mind.

Article by: Wesley Lock


Cool Britannia said...

Ha ha, Ninty, you stingy bastards! They just said they won't be bringing the DSi to the states till late '09 either, that's a looooooong wait.

Edwin Jones said...

"Nintendo: Now we are rich, FU gamers!"

They are getting as bad as they used to be before the playstation wiped the floor with them. Success makes any company greedy, but Nintendo are the worst. £180 for something that runs on old gamecube parts and can't do HD? I'll buy myself another 360 to secure myself from the RROD this Xmas instead nintendo.

Still, I love Umbrella Chronicles and SSMBB. Make something good again damn you!

CheekyLee said...

What's the M stand for?