Friday, 3 October 2008

Halo movie no longer 100% fragged?

Stuart Beattie, Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe has been talking to Gamedaily about the possible future and resurrection of the Halo movie:

The character doesn't start off as Master Chief. He starts off as John, who's the kid that's kidnapped and told he's going to be a soldier. Anyone can connect with a kid kidnapped from his own home. You're along for that journey. The Covenant comes along halfway through that movie. That gives you half the movie to really get to know everyone and care about everyone. And then when the Covenant come along, it's the first time John sees a grunt or a jackal or an elite. The audience is trying to figure out everything at the same time as the characters are. What are these aliens? Why are they killing us? What did we do? And realizing it's all about this Halo ring. And then ending the movie where the first game begins.

Now I love Halo, and I love movies, and this seems to be a MUCH better script idea than last time, when we were allegedly not going to see much of the Chief at all. An audience of non gamers needs to be able to connect with the characters, and the last script didn't do this in my opinion. Now, neither did the final scripts of any of the Resident Evil movies either.

In fact, video game movies are shite. But there is that Bioshock movie coming from Gore Verbinski that has got a pretty good chance of being the first movie based on a game to actually be good. Master Chief as Big Daddy?

Colour me excited, but Hollywood, if it doesn't work out again, how about 2½ hours of Arby and the Chief instead? I'd buy that for a dollar.

Article by: Adam Moore

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Edwin Jones said...

Please, please, please will somebody make this and make it good? The live action TV adverts last year that did the rounds on the net were awesome.