Saturday, 4 October 2008

EA Head to Run US Olympic Committee

This has to be the wierdest story I've read in a while. The chairman for EA, Larry Probst has been appointed to the new olympic committee for the US.

"I'm extremely honored to be chosen for this role," Probst told the paper after his election to a four-year term. "I've had a lot of sports experience as a CEO. I've had a very successful business career. I know how to work collaboratively with people. I know how to build and develop a team."

I didnt know that owning a video game company could give you experience in sports. I thought the job of a CEO was to just look at the money beening raked in after doing one shoddy sequel after another with very little changes being made to them?

His main job will be to petition to have the 2016 games held in Chicago.

I wonder what Peter Moore thinks of all this....

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Article By: William Stephen

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