Saturday, 14 March 2009

What shithead put water in my gin glass!

We at PG are much looking forward to Madworld on the Wii. And not just because it looks amazing and is brought to us by a top team of developers (who were part of making Resident Evil and Okami) but mainly because it's a new Wii title that isn't mini-game complilation number 246. So leading up to it's release, why not laugh at how rubbish the two blokes are out of the deathwatch segements by viewing their outtakes

and if you still can't wait then amuse yourself with the madworld mini-games off the site;

Friday, 13 March 2009

Virtual On coming to xbox live arcade

"Available for the first time on Xbox LIVE, Virtual On features high-octane mech action with 15 playable Virtuaroids. Players can choose how they want to play as each mech has its own defining characteristics. The game delivers an online 1 vs. 1 multiplayer battle mode, as well as fast-paced single player action through 10 Arcade-mode levels and 14 Score attack stages. Virtual On features numerous ways to earn achievements as well as voice communication."

Coming this spring time. Virtual On was one of the Saturn's (and to another extent the Dreamcast's) lost cult gems. This should certianly be more playable with the 360's dual sticks

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Jonathan Ross lets slip about Fable 3

After presenting an award at the still pointless videogame BAFTAs Wossy posted on his twitter account;

"Goodnight all. Must go to bed. Got asked to do voice in Fable 3 tonight. Subarashi. Oyasuminasia. Woss out."

He also later let slip that tv critic and host of Screenwipe, Charlie Brooker would also be providing a voice over.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Inside The Xbox 360 - Through the Tech Hole

We don't like to advertise here, but we're going to this time because this video is a highly informative look at the innerds of an Xbox 360 console

The video is so popular right now that the internets almost collapsed with people saying "I can has moar?"

Check it out and be a sheep. Or don't check it out and be deemed uncool. It's up to you.

UFC 2009 Undisputed trailer

Coming for the PS3 and 360 with over 80 fighters from the UFC roster (whether that will include past champions like Royce Gracie or Ken Shamrock is not yet known) and a innovative control system that will hopefully make it more accessible than the previous UFC games. Release date is yet to be confirmed

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Platinum Games shows us how to open game box

Cheers for that! Who says developers don't care about gamers needs.

However, if you want to win some unspecified stuff then enter their compitition. All is required is you buy the game and get a mate with a camera.

"Take you camera with you when you go buy MADWORLD. Take a picture or a video of you with the game, either in the act of purchasing or after you have purchased. Just like kills in MADWORLD, the more elaborate the picture, the better your chances of winning. Multiple people in the photo is a good start. Making it black, white, and red - even better. Get creative, get original. Once you are done, post a link to the photo or video here in the comments. Make sure to fill in the email address field or we can’t contact you if you win."

This is the place to send your entries to

the closing date is march 28th.

Virtua Tennis 2009 trailer

coming to the PS3, 360, PC and Wii

Sunday, 8 March 2009

crap Ryu, only a snip at 10 grand

In money conscious times where capcom feel it necessary to cough up for extra costumes in Street Fighter 4, why not help the economy further by buying this painting of Ryu by brit artist Dave White. It's been estimated at about seven to ten thousand pounds for something that looks like a bored art student scribbled in the back of his maths book. I mean it's just a head and it's not even in colour! You can get a full colour poster of all the SF characters for just about four quid.