Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Platinum Games shows us how to open game box

Cheers for that! Who says developers don't care about gamers needs.

However, if you want to win some unspecified stuff then enter their compitition. All is required is you buy the game and get a mate with a camera.

"Take you camera with you when you go buy MADWORLD. Take a picture or a video of you with the game, either in the act of purchasing or after you have purchased. Just like kills in MADWORLD, the more elaborate the picture, the better your chances of winning. Multiple people in the photo is a good start. Making it black, white, and red - even better. Get creative, get original. Once you are done, post a link to the photo or video here in the comments. Make sure to fill in the email address field or we can’t contact you if you win."

This is the place to send your entries to


the closing date is march 28th.

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