Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gamestation Online Service = Shit!

As I posted earlier on in the week, Gamestation reduced the price of their real life size Gears of War 2 Lancer Rifle. Well I got my copy today (yes a DAY late!) and when I came to open it, let's just say the chainsaw wasn't complete...

As you can see by the crosshairs (I'm guessing that's what that piece is supposed to be) have snapped in half. The pictures are of a rather poor quality I know, this cannot be helped as I only had my mobile phone camera to use at the time. The pictures show ALL the packaging it came with. There was no packaging on the top of the box, only polystyrene at the bottom so it's almost guaranteed that it broke as soon as it was packaged. Even before I opened it the chainsaw gun was moving from side to side inside the box. This picture also shows the box was pretty damp as well.

This picture shows the contents of the game and batteries for the lancer rifle. Notice the tears in it, they were actually there before I even opened it. I slightly made the tear on the left a bit bigger to get the game out.

Here are some more shots of the broken bits. I've never seen something packaged so badly before, and I've bought goods on ebay!.

Gamestation had better give me a replacement unless of course the postal service that sent this decided to have a looksie inside and buggered it up. If that is the case, they can pay for the replacement as I sure as hell am not. Has anybody else has the same problem? Please write in to let us know.

Article By: William Stephen

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Tom said...

That is really shoddy. I have had loads of stuff from gamestation and never had a problem.