Saturday, 8 November 2008

Dead Rising 2 - Not Dead?

In 2006, a rather good little Zombie game came out and surprisingly it wasn't a Resident Evil game. It was made by Capcom who sadly said they were not working on a sequel. The Internet mourned and moved on.

Like all good zombies though, the rumour of Dead Rising 2 will not die. Reports have come out that Capcom have licenced it out to another studio repeatedly, but nothing was ever really confirmed. Sadly, all we have today is another rumour but there are so many of these flying around you just know Capcom are up to something. They wouldn't turn down the almost free money a sequel would earn.

The rumour has it that 'Blue Castle', a relatively unknown Canadian studio are working on Dead Rising 2. I hope this is true as no other game lets you take lawnmowers to literally *hundreds* of the undead at once in 3D. None that I know of anyway.

Please Capcom, let there be a sequel!

You can read more about this, here.

Article by: Edwin Jones

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