Monday, 3 November 2008

GoW 2 Real Life Rifle Reduced

I just got an email from Gamestation a couple of hours ago. You may have heard that they have had a world exclusive to distribute the lifesize lancer rifle (the not so cool but still ok gold one, unlike the picture above which is the US version). This and the game was going to cost £130, some £50 more than the US version, However they have informed me that it's been reduced to only £80. Bargain!

Unfortunately they sold out on preorders ages ago so haha!!!!

Edit: After doing some browsing on the gamestation website, they have infact listed it as only £59.99. I have emailed them about this and will post my findings as soon as possible.

ANOTHER Edit: Gamestation have said that their website has an old link, so the price is £79.99. Funny how they say its an old link, cause if it was it shouldnt be shown on google...

Article by: William Stephen

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