Monday, 3 November 2008

New Left 4 Dead Videos


Nothing is quite as delicious as four player online co operative Zombie slaying. We've been watching these game for a while and it looks rather good. Still, these promotional videos EA released last last week do a good job of making it seem even better with absolutely no in game footage which is quite a feat.

First up, we have the intro video for the game itself. It's rather long at over 4 minutes but it does give you an insight into the characters and what they are like. Considering all the gameplay footage we have all seen over the last year had little dialogue, this is a keeper. I wonder how long it will be before introductory videos go the way of the cut scene and use in game video rather than FMV?

We also have a rather good TV spot for the game which consists of slices of the intro footage with a selection of novel quotes. It is made even more awesome by the soundtrack which is actually the song 'Grounds for divorce' by the Mancunian band Elbow. Epic. You need to go buy this song off iTunes immediately. Watch this video to see why.

As an aside, I went to see the new James Bond movie this weekend, and I saw more game adverts than movie adverts before it started. Dead Space, Gears of War 2, the Quantum of Solace game - they were all there. With all these TV slots as well, I think this Christmas is the one that shows the world just how far games have come.

Article by: Edwin Jones

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