Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Red Alert 3 to come to PS3 - next year (maybe)

Poor old Sony.

During this busy winter season big games are coming out thick and fast for everybody, but the PS3 will definetly not get two of the biggest titles, Left for Dead and Red Alert 3 before Christmas. Heck, it may not get left for dead at all. The good news however is that EA are working on Red Alert 3 again after suspending development in favour of focusing on the PC and 360 versions earlier this year.

There is no chance that the PS3 will see this rather cool RTS game before Christmas but that is probably a good thing for all our wallets. It's nice to see the RTS bug catching on to more than just the 360. Maybe one day we will get RTS games just like we get FPS games on consoles eh? I remember a long time ago when the word 'half-life' and 'console' uttered in the same sentence were pure heresy and stupidity rolled into one. I am glad those days are over.

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Article by: Edwin Jones

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