Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Ratings go colour!

ELPSA have proposed a "new" system for game ratings. "Elspa supports a 'traffic-light'-type system as part of its voluntary ratings code that it says is more effective."

Basically meaning as you can see from above that suitable games for children are green with heavy violence being red.

"We're offering this idea as a direct consequence of the Byron review; the system needs to remove the potential for confusion and this is what we're doing," Elspa deputy director general Michael Rawlinson

A spokesperson for BBFC commented on this saying: "There is a system in place already which people know and understand and which in fact uses the traffic light colours, and it's called the BBFC system."Read the full article here

Article by: William Stephen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

General viewing!?!
If that makes it into the official ratings it will be an abomination! Videogames are to played, not viewed!
I don't mind the media being ignorant, but when videogames ratings are ignorant of the very nature of videogames, it's a worrying sign!