Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Starcraft II: One game for the price of three?

Heh. I guess merging with Activison will do horrible things to the soul eh Blizzard?

It appears greed has at last gotten the better of the RTS and MMORPG titan developer, Blizzard. Rather than ship the new Starcraft title with all three main campaigns of the 3 races it features included in one game, Blizzard has decided to sell each campaign seperately at full price. That's right, to play as the Zerg, Terrans and Protoss in single player campaigns you will have to buy three seperate products. This wouldn't be so bad if the original Starcraft didn't include three seperate campaigns for one price and if EA (who are usually the ones to try pull this sort of thing) didn't already have modern versions of Command and Conquer out which let you play as three races for the price of one game. You can read more about the story here.

Seriously Blizzard? This is insulting and below you. I am shocked and appalled. You are releasing the opposite of the Orange Box. Why can't you follow the success of Valve and morality? Don't Valve make enough money? I guess not.

Article by: Edwin Jones


Delta said...

I can see a majority of the Hardcore Starcraft lovers not having a problem ..but your average joe such as myself is fairly miffed at the proposal of having to shell out for 3 games... but saying that it depends on what content is available for each ..I for one will not be lining there pockets :)

Edwin Jones said...

A good point. I'm very tempted to not buy this game myself now. It's just so...evil? Blizzard are better than this. I am still shocked.