Wednesday, 7 January 2009

UK games sales higher than ever

Happy new year!

It's a little late but the year is still young. To start off on such a new year how about some good news about the economy instead of all the bad stuff?

according to Eurogamer, over 80 million games were sold in the U.K. last year. That's almost 2 billion pounds (not dollars) in game sales. Crikey. This is about 23% higher than 2007 so although the economy is suffering games are yet again not taking any notice. Hurrah!

Here come the dark side of it so get ready to grit your teeth - most of these sales are to casual gamers. We are talking about everybody who bought wii-fit here. Sadly, real gaming is taking a back seat to Nintendo's money machine but they have made it clear for a long time now that they care about money and not an innovative or playable game. No, they want novelty toys for adults and by god do they sell a lot of them.

Don't blame Nintendo. Blame your parents. In fact, go out and buy them GOW 2 or Fallout 3 right now to show them how awesome games can be. A 360 can be bought for less than £100 these days so it's not hard to give them one. If nothing else they won't try to anger you again after seeing how ridiculously gory those games are. If you want to be a wimp about it get them 'Scene It' or something.


Article by: Edwin Jones

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