Monday, 16 March 2009

More proof Ninty don't give a toss about the west

You may think it's brilliant over in Japan. They get all the games before us mugs in Europe, sometimes software that'll never see the light of day over here and they go around molesting girls on trains willy nilly. While we wait upon nintendo to even regestre our existance over here in Blighty. Well that ideal takes another step towards truth as in Japan some elementary and middle schools in Osaka Japan are handing out free DS' to students to aid with their learning. The Osaka education board made using the DS as part of school laerning in January with software such as Brain Age and My Japanese Coach.
Where as over here, nintedo have just added twenty pounds on the price of a Wii to retailers so a Wii price hike may be on the cards so dixons and the like don't lose out on pocket.
Thanks Nintendo!

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