Wednesday, 22 April 2009

PDC 2009 preview

If your idea of professional darts is a bunch of sozzled labourers chucking bits of brass about in a dingy old pub, then you're an ignorant fool. Because the PDC premier league of darts pulls in audiences only second to premiership football with it's electric atmosphere and heart stopping finishes. So as a sport rises in profile the inevitable tie-in game isn't far off. I was down at the Sports Cafe in London's west end last week to have a little go on the latest PDC game on the Wii.

As on the previous Wii game, you hold the remote much like a real dart for aiming, tis is where a very gentle touch is required to line up the reticule while holding down the A button. Then motion the remote like throwing the dart before releasing A. Getting the right amount of force in the throw is where the skill lies and is tighter than the last PDC game on the Wii. Being an official license you can choose from 18 players from the PDC along with their entrances and commentary from the legendary Sid Waddell.

PDC 2009 comes out on the Wii and DS on the 29th of May

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