Thursday, 13 November 2008

Want free console? Join Gametrailers!

This has been happening for a while now but I wanted to make sure this looked permanent. is a site that shows clips of games. By watching the videos you earn GTD, and the more videos you watch, the more GTD you receive. Now this used to be capped at 50 videos a day (though you can earn GTD from other methods such as posting blogs) but from my experience im receiving 50 GTD every 12 hours, maybe even less, which is 100 GTD a day.

If you did watch 100 videos a day, then within a year you would earn enough to get a DS lite, and less than 2 years for a free PS3, yes FREE. Who knows how long they'll keep it like this, but if you want to take advantage I suggest you do so now!

Sign up here! (Yes its a referral link, if you dont want to click it then click the first link.)

Article by: William Stephen

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