Thursday, 9 October 2008

Epic shoot down EA buyout rumour

Sorry to shoot all you EA fanboys down, but it seems Epic won't be bought out by EA - thank God.

The rumour of a possible EA buyout of Epic after they failed to get Rockstar has been running for a week or two and scaring the hell out of most of us. Mark Rein himself, the Vice President of Epic games recently called the rumour 'rubbish' directly. The day is saved! Go and hug a locust, but make sure none of you are using chainsawguns at the same time. It could get messy.

You can read the source of this story, here.

Article by: Edwin Jones

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Wesley Lock said...

EA aren't really as evil as you could argue they once were. Years ago they'd never have attempted unique titles like Dead Space, Crysis and Mirror's Edge. Even the new Fifa is one of the best in years with geniuine improvements and awesome online play.