Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pirates tell Bethesda to kiss their white ass

Yes, you read that right! Self confessed 'Pirates' from the website NZBsRus told Bestheda to kiss their "white ass" as well as stating "We are Pirates so deal with it." after the game Fallout 3 was leaked onto the internet.

According to the website, Bethesda sent an email stating that in "facilitating the download of unauthorized copies of our proprietary computer game, Fallout® 3" they were infringing on their copyright, and requested that they "immediately remove the above referenced webpage from [the] website" They went on to state that "Failure to comply with this request may lead to action for injunctive relief and/or a claim for damages as warranted"

The post came from one of the admin's of the website 'H8MACHINE' and could be considered a big swear from the pirates. Has a war just begun?

You can read can be read the post from 'H8MACHINE' on this link

Or below...
Seems the Developers sent us an email to take this down for and i quote

We write to notify you that is infringing on the exclusive rights of Bethesda Softworks LLC, the wholly owned games division of ZeniMax Media Inc. (“ZeniMax”) by allowing or facilitating the download of unauthorized copies of our proprietary computer game, Fallout® 3, developed and owned by our computer games division, Bethesda Softworks.

We hereby demand that you cease and desist from this activity, immediately remove the above referenced webpage from your website, and cease and desist from engaging in any such further infringement of our copyrights in the future. Failure to comply with this request may lead to action for injunctive relief and/or a claim for damages as
warranted. We further demand that you provide us with immediate written assurance that you have taken the necessary steps to remove all such webpages from your website and will prevent any further infringement of ZeniMax’s intellectual property rights.

You know what, you can all kiss my white ass, we do not host any files. This is like asking my phone company to get my phone cut off cause i told my friend over the phone where to get the game. We are Pirates so deal with it.

All Hail the Skulls 'n Bones

Article By: Wesley Lock

UPDATE: It seems that the website in question is currently down. Coincidence? Or has the war just begun...

ANOTHER UPDATE: The website seems to be up and running again, as moderator of the 'site H8MACHINE attempts to mock Bethesda further, with this picture which is apparently the 'pirate' himself...


Delta said...

The websites back up .. for how long no one knows ...

Anonymous said...

Pretty amusing (and bold) of the pirates, but you gotta feel a little sorry for Bethesda. They could be losing lots of money.

sentient1 said...

yeah, ur retarded. the problem was internal.

it was a software malfunction.

they also had a problem with some Arse who kept making user accounts (12,000) to be exact, so their servers crashed a couple days ago, u wanna insinuate that, that was also bethesda? damn man.

there is no problem with hosting nzb's especially in europe where their servers are located. but yeah, keep talkin smack.

Anonymous said...

believe me, the amt of cash they are losing is negligible.

they are just being pissy. BUT you should watch for the ban on this because obviously we have pissed bethesda off.

Anonymous said...

Filthy pirate scum are making Bethesda lose money. For every copy that is download they lose $60.

Anonymous said...

thanks betsheda! cool torrent site!!

s0ck3t said...

You go H8MACHINE i always new you being a hard ass would get you somewhere. Also as a side note for the rest of you that feel sorry for a company making billions of dollars on a game that doesn't cost them that much to make i feel sorry for you. Now with that being said As 1 of the 3 admins on we recommend to all our users that if you like the game or movie or whatever then you should buy it and support the company. We have taken polls of our users and on avrage 50% of users would have never bought the item where when they find something they like they are more inclined to buy it. I mean how many games come out each year can you expect someone to buy them all to find one they like. So instead of thinking that the item is being stolen why not think of it as your marketing to a larger client base. I could sit here and defend or bash the whole pirating process for hours, but i won't. Although if you would like to talk to H8MACHINE or myself s0ck3t you can come on our irc

we also invite Bestheda's people to come talk to us about this.

s0ck3t said...

For those of you that cant figure it out it's channel #nzbsrus on

Anonymous said...

A game that doesn't cost them that much to make? You are an idiot coz it costs millions to make games you no?

And people who pirate are not going to pay for sumthin they got for free!

Anonymous said...

"And people who pirate are not going to pay for sumthin they got for free!"

Wrong on so many levels. There's loads of games I pirate and then pay full whack for. I also have paid for my xbox 360 3 times over, with MS admitting there's a critical design flaw. Now who's getting shafted?

Anonymous said...

"Now who's getting shafted?"

Bethesda it seems.

Ghaleon said...

Don't worry I wont be supporting piracy on this one... only because this game looks like a piece of shit anyways :) I wouldn't waste bandwidth let alone money on this game.

Cool Britannia said...

Game looks like shit? Epic fail from you sir, it looks awesome. I cannot support the Pirates on this, Bethesda deserve the dolla from such an epic game. *goes back to downloading albums from demonoid*

Edwin Jones said...

It's strange this got out so quick, I mean how can they not keep track of who has the code and who has can possibly upload it before it is printed?

I'd feel worse for them if they weren't so silly about all this. It's not just them, so many games get released weeks before they are even delivered to shops. I'm not advocating piracy here but I also don't advocate incompetence.

It's like they just don't care people are taking there stuff at all.

Dr Punx said...

We get shafted for so many games that promise hours and hours of gameplay.And then lack it. Or halve finished games like oblivion where we have to download the rest off the marketplace.
Go H8 ill support the cause.Bethesia made enough money already on the GOTY downloads alone

Anonymous said...


You think they make billions of dollars? you really think that.

Im not going to argue about how many slaes they loose. it's obvious that every download does not equal a lost sale.

But your excuses for downloading are lame. There no excuses. I've download music and films and I'm stealing them, simple as that, no other way to look at it.

But they are not going to stop releasing movies and music. Wether they are correct or not devs and publishers do they think they are loosing serious money and they will stop releasing games for PC and concentrate soley on consoles. Then what will you pirate?

You want to play the game? Buy it, no one owes you anything for free. Too mnay games to buy? Read reviews, play the demos, read forums, then make your choice.

Anonymous said...


STEALING is depriving someone of property. YOU are copying said property.

Q: Would you steal a car? A purse?
A: No, but I sure as hell would copy them if I could

sentient1 said...

wow, dont these retards know that we pirate everything, in fact this very event wasn't over a pc release of fallout 3, it was for the 360. seriously u r dumb.

please go kill urself.

its no wonder u posted anonymously.

p.s. bethesda doesnt lose 60 dollars from each game NOT sold. dont be a tool. bethesda isnt selling u the game, gamestop is, and gamestop isnt buying the games directly from bethesda either. on bethesda's end, their game will sell just as many copies as it would if we werent pirating, why? bethesda doesnt sell these games on a per disc basis, they sell millions of copies, and then other people distribute it, maybe by pirating these software we are hurting gamestop or walmart or whatever. but not bethesda.

so please stop being retarded. please.

long live h8. and you too socket.

p.s. this game is off the hook. kinda like bioshock but more precise. dont give up on this game before u get out of the vault. trust me, u wanna see the game outside of the vault. its scintillating.

anyhoo, rant over. p.s. dont be stupid please. get ur facts straight before u start running ur mouth/fingers.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Old Friend
anyways this game is a cheap rip of oblivion remade moddern the combat system is absolute shit but at least it looks good
we r pirates and nzbsrus is not a torrent site infact we resent that torrents suck and u get too much crap nzbs is an index site no hosting what so ever
long live the nzbsrus crew

Anonymous said...

Free?Free? its not free!

1)You must have a PC(£500 for somthing half descent)
2)Internet connection(£30 p/m for half descent speed)
3)Subscribe to giganews/usenet(£20 p/m)
4)Xbox360 console (Mine was £279.99 and im on my 5th one RRoD....
£829.99..thats not free? Also 279.99 X 5...hmm whos ripping who off when the game is absolutly pantz...sorry to disagree but it is boring gameplay the visuals are outstanding but apart from that i gave it 3hrs and sacked it.
I support H8 100% on this as the descent games i have got from nzbsrus i have bought so i can play 'safely' i would have waisted another £40 on buying fallout 3...thank god i did'nt cos i would have been very dissapointed!!!!!
so yeah they can kiss my ass aswell...
Fuckin' free LOL

Anonymous said...

you pirates are the idiots - on a game like gears here is a break down of the money you spend and where it goes :


* 25% (aka $15) goes to pay the art and design guys.
* 20% ($12) goes to pay the programmers and the engineers.
* 20% (also $12) goes to your friendly neighborhood retailer. EB / GameStop, whoever.
* 11.5% ($7) goes to a "Console Owner Fee" - ie. whichever one of the Big Boys made your hardware (Sony, MS, Nintendo.)
* 7% ($4) goes to marketing, and puts Mad World and Marcus Fenix on MTV.
* 5% ($3) goes to "market development" -- paying for cardboard Standees of the Gears Crew and elbowing other games out of the way for shelf space at your local retailer.
* 5% ($3) goes to actually manufacturing and packaging the disc.
* 5% ($3) is spent paying the Man for IP licenses or maybe hiring some big name voice actors. If your game isn't an original IP, here's where you get dinged by Marvel, Disney, or Ray Liotta's agent.
* 1.5% (just $1) goes into the publisher's pocket.
* 1.5% (also $1) goes into the distributor's pocket.
* 0.3% (about 20 cents) goes into corporate costs. Management, overhead, lawyers, etc.
* 0.05% (less than 3 cents) go into the cost of paying for the Developer's Hardware. Who knew an SDKs can cost tens of thousands of dollars?

so yes each time you STEAL a copy you are ripping of the company - you are dicks go swallow a knife and die.

Anonymous said...

Ye you tell those stupid pirates. They r fucking clueless. They just steal the game and dont care that people lose out as a result and dont get to eat.

Stupid pirates like H8MACHINE deserve to be put in a prison

Anonymous said...

To the gallows hahaha..

H8 your the greatest!!!!

sentient1 said...

wow, u sir are dumb as hell. were not stealing anything. we are coming across something that we shouldnt have access to yes, but is it stealing? are we taking the original? no. one person on the forums once said "would u steal a car? hellz no. but i would love to copy one if i could." thus the games aren't stolen. once again, stop being retarded. please.

thank you again. stop by for round 3 as im sure someone who loves giving away their money wants to argue with us pirates.

usually these people are comprised of A) sony fan boys who CANT copy games
B) actual game dev's
C) idiots who cant figure out how to mod their 360 and have to still pay for games because they dont know what craigslist is and how everyone who offers to fix red rings of death also mod consoles.
and lastly...
D) people who got a liteon HA.

if u know what D means. then ur either one of those people, or a pirate.

thank you for ur time.