Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tekken to come to the 360?

Holy cow. This is rather big. Tekken 6, the sequel to the long lineage of Tekken fighting games is coming to the 360. a big, big blow for sony. Tekken was a very early title on the original playstation, which some of you may be too young to remember. Tekken Tag was a PS2 launch title. It was at the time a Playstation exclusive and to date has never featured on any other console other than a Playstation for over 13 long years. Has it really been that long? I am so damn old. Anyway, Tekken is the last fighting game domino to fall. First Dead or Alive, then Soul Calibur (other classic PSone fighting games) came to the original Xbox, and now this. Sony have finally lost their dominance of the fighting game genre. Yes, the genre itself has fallen by the wayside over the years but it still has symbolic significance.

With Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, (on the original Xbox) Tekken and more now available on Microsoft consoles, truly the decade of games market dominance by Sony is over. Let this be a lesson to whoever takes the lead from now on that victory is fleeting and you can never afford to get cocky in such a volatile and fluctuating market. The winner of this generation will probably the Wii, but remember Nintendo that you yourselves owned the world with the Nintendo Entertainment System and owned third place with the Gamecube. The real question now is this - is it time for the decade of the Xbox? We shall have to wait and see.

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Article by: Edwin Jones

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Cool Britannia said...

I'd argue that the Wii isn't this gen. The Wii is a lifestyle toy, like an iPod or facebook. Kudos t Nintendo for getting it into such a good light, but at the end of the day, it's still a crap games machine. So, Tekken, looking forward to having button bashing girls kicking my ass again....