Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Obama: 360 Fanboy!

Borack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate for the United States of America has unleashed himself into the video game world by placing ads in well known Xbox 360 games. Gizmodo reports that Obama wants to target young people, so why not advertise in what 99% of lazy Americans do instead of voting? (Statistic may be inaccurate)

Looking at some of the games - can you guess the connection?

Guitar Hero 3
NBA Live 08
NFL Tour
Burnout Paradise
EA Game here....

Obama's website is voteforchange.com and while I dont care who wins the election, we can all rejoice that change will occur with no Bush ever again. I wonder if George W. even knows what a game is... oh wait thats what the Iraq war was!!!!

Article by: William Stephen

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