Friday, 24 October 2008

Screw GAME go to HMV!

HMV have started taking in pre-owned titles. This means you can trade-in any old game you no longer want (well not too old, they probably wouldn't take anything on the Commodore 64 or a SNES game), but it does mean you can exchange it towards not only games, but DVD's, Blu-Ray movies and even stuff like ipods! Ooh yeah!

They've branded it Re/Play and is aimed at rivaling the likes of GAME and Gamestation, and could be quite popular come Christmas.

So if you're Mum or Nan (it was always my Nan that got me games) start asking you if you've any games you no longer want, then you know what that could mean! It means you should tell them to stop being cheap-skates and to buy the games for full price. Oh don't be too harsh, there is a credit crunch and all.

According to MCV, one 'top publishing executive' said
“Pre-owned cannibalises our catalogue sales without a doubt...You could always rely on the likes of HMV and Zavvi to work with you on new releases and catalogue stock. It’s disappointing that someone else is going down this route.”

Oh well. Stop crying about it and drop prices then.

Article By: Wesley Lock


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